Computer Carts

Fusion Series

The Fusion Series Mobile Carts are designed for effortless mobility. From the slim silhouette to the compact and lightweight base design, the series is ideal for maneuvering in space constrained environments.

Cynergy Series

The Cynergy Series is designed to endure the most demanding environments and is rugged yet easily maneuverable. 

FRS Series

The FRS Series remains a mainstay in the mobile computer cart industry. With a simple and uncomplicated design, the various configurations provide users with a strong and comfortable workstation.

Movel Mobile Workstation

Mobile Cabinets & Medication Carts


The OmniCenter Workstation is the perfect solution in any work environment. There are endless possibilities of configurations and customizations to accommodate any computer equipment, specific needs and applications or work area requirements. All OmniCenters are constructed with sturdy and long-lasting materials.


Created from the need for a smaller workstation, OptiFlow Workstations feature the same customization options as OmniCenters but with a smaller footprint.

MedPoint Series

The MedPoint Series is CompuCaddy’s Mobile Cart Solution for medication administration and distribution. Designed to satisfy all types of capacity and security requirements, custom configure your MedPoint by choosing from multiple drawer configurations and bin sizes. Other smart features include the electronic locking system, audit trail software, articulating keyboard tray, LED keyboard light, as well as, many add-on accessories.

Monitor Arms & Wall Tracks

The CompuCaddy Monitor Arms & Wall Tracks are flexible and offer solutions that are horizontally and vertically adjustable to meet your space, workflow and end-user requirements. We know each customer and situation is different. If you don't see the perfect solution for your needs, please talk to a CompuCaddy Account Manager for additional options.

Monitor Arms

Wall Track Mounts

Reveal Wall Mounts

Sit to Stand

Desk Conversions

Mobile Power

Work anywhere your CompuCaddy Cart can go.

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