Fusion Hybrid


The Fusion Hybrid cart is our most versatile cart. The open architecture allows multiple computing options such as a closed laptop, thin client or small form factor paired with an external monitor and keyboard. It remains flexible to accommodate future hardware changes.



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    • More Monitor Arm Options: The 3500 monitor arm is one of the new options on the Fusion Carts, as well as a new pole mount option for effortless height adjustment.
    • Lighter Overall Design: For easier, more fluid movement, the Fusion Cart’s overall weight has been reduced.
    • Longer Run Time:The larger battery capacity delivers a longer run time, built on the latest technology (Lithium-Iron Phosphate).
    • A Cool New Feature: For improved safety and performance, fan filters have been added into the battery compartment.
    • Additional Upgrades: A refined keyboard tray with slide-thru mousing platform and electric height adjustment (optional) round out the upgrades.



    • Designed For: Thin Client, Small Form Factor or Closed Laptop paired with an external monitor & keyboard.
    • Flexibility: Multiple sizes available to accommodate future hardware changes.
    • Locking Computer Compartment: CPU is secured under a flip-up locking door with ventilation & easy access.
    • Ergonomic Monitor Mount: Multiple tilt, swivel & pivot adjustments.
    • Celspan® Antimicrobial Protection: Built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria & mold.
    • Work Surface: Ample, desktop workspace. An extended work surface is also available.
    • Power Level Indicator: Desktop overlay indicates the power system’s battery run-time & charge time in hours/minutes (powered carts).
    • Integrated Handles: For easy maneuvering & control.
    • Retractable Keyboard Tray: Positive & negative tilt. Includes built-in wrist rest.
    • Dual Swivel-Out Mouse Platforms: Mouse pad tray swings out on left/right sides.
    • Assorted Color Options: Array of colors available for easy identification or to coordinate with decor.
    • Height Adjustable: Single hand height adjustment for user comfort when standing or sitting.
    • Compact Base Design: Maneuvers in space-constrained areas without compromising stability.
    • 5” Rubber Tread Casters Standard: Includes steering caster for sharp turns. 6” Caster upgrade available.
    • Ships Fully Assembled


  • Work Surface Area:  23” W x 12.5” D
  • Work Surface Height:  37” H to 48.25” H
  • Keyboard Tray Size:  20” W x 10” D
  • Keyboard Tray Height:  30” H to 42” H
  • Keyboard Tilt Range:  -10° / +15°
  • Legacy Monitor Arm:  5” forward extension, 5.5” height adjustment range, 180° tilt, 360° swivel, 30 lb. weight capacity.
  • 3500 Monitor Arm:  19.7″ forward extension, 9.5” height adjustment range, 200° tilt, 360° swivel, 38 lb. weight capacity.
  • Pole Mount: 5.7″ extension, height adjustment anywhere on the pole, 200° tilt, 360° swivel, 45 lb. weight capacity.
  • Cart Weight:
      • 64 lbs. (without power)
      • 87 lbs. (with 38.4 amp LiFePO4 power)
      • 95 lbs. (with 57.6 amp LiFePO4 power)
  • Base Dimensions:  15” W (front) x 19” W (back) x 18” D
  • Caster Size:  5” single wheels ( 2 non-locking, 1 locking & 1 steering caster with lock)
  • Work Surface Construction:  Antimicrobial, High-Density Polypropylene & Polyethylene
  • Cart Sleeve & Base:  Styrene & Injected Molded Plastic

    Accommodates multiple configurations such as a closed laptop, thin client or small form factor paired with an external monitor and keyboard. When you update your computer, your Fusion Hybrid cart has the flexibility to house countless hardware options.

  • OPTIONAL Barcode Scanner Bracket

    CompuCaddy’s Barcode Scanner Bracket mounts directly behind the monitor to store your scanner safely and conveniently within reach.


    Illuminates keyboard area on a CompuCaddy cart when working in dimly lit environments.  


    Including mobile power with your Fusion Hybrid cart means you are free to work anywhere your cart can go. CompuCaddy’s intuitive Stealth Power System continuously recalculates the battery runtime & charge time in hours and minutes based on current usage.


    End-users can change their posture while standing and working by placing one foot on the cart’s footrest. Shifting the weight from foot to foot provides comfort and helps to prevent leg fatigue.

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