OptiFlow All-in-One


Built for use with an all-in-one computer or mini PC and monitor, the OptiFlow All-in-One can be customized to meet your specific requirements and workflow needs with a combination of drawers, doors and shelves.


  • Designed For:  All-in-One Computers or Dual Mounted Monitor with a Mini PC.
  • Ergonomic Monitor Mount:  Numerous tilt, swivel & pivot adjustments. Dual Monitor Mount is also available.
  • Celspan® Antimicrobial Protection:  Built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria & mold.
  • Work Surface:  Ample desktop workspace.
  • Power Level Indicator:  Desktop overlay indicates the power system’s battery run-time & charge time in hours/minutes (on powered workstations).
  • Integrated Handles:  For easy maneuvering & control.
  • Retractable Keyboard Tray:  Positive & negative tilting. Includes built-in wrist rest.
  • Dual Swivel-Out Mouse Platforms:  Mouse pad tray swings out on left/right sides.
  • Integrated Cable Management:  Keeps cables neat and secure.
  • Casters:  6″ rubber tread wheels for ease of mobility.
  • Ships Fully Assembled.


  • Work Surface Area:  20.75″ W x 13.75″ D
  • Work Surface Height:  42″
  • Keyboard Tray Size:  20″ W x 10″ D
  • Keyboard Tray Height:  35.5″
  • Monitor Arm:  5″ forward extension, 5.5″ height adjustment range, 180° tilt, 360° swivel, 30 lb weight capacity.
  • Workstation Weight:  Varies based on material and configuration.
  • Base Dimensions:  22.5″ W x 21.5″ D
  • Caster Size:  6″ Single Wheel (1 locking, 1 steering & 2 non-locking)
  • Work Surface Construction:  Anti-Microbial High-Density Polyethylene


    Designed for all-in-one computers or dual-mounted monitor with mini PC (pictured).

  • Integrated Handles

    For easy maneuvering and control.

  • Power Level Indicator

    Including mobile power with your OptiFlow cart means you are free to work anywhere your cart can go.  CompuCaddy’s intuitive Stealth Power System continuously recalculates the battery runtime & charge time in hours and minutes based on current usage.

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