On-Site Set Up and Integration

  1. Unpack Carts (after carts are received by customer)
  2. Install Cart Accessories ( if applicable) such as Monitor Support, etc.
  3. Unpack Customers Equipment (if applicable)
  4. Install Customers Hardware/Equipment (No IT or Imaging – This is done by Customers IT Department)
  5. Cable Management and organization
  6. Run a Performance / Functionality Tests on Cart
  7. Run Diagnostics of Carts Power System (Does not install CC Software – This is done by Customers IT Department)
  8. Q&A / Cart Review with Customer

Get up and running fast with CompuCaddy’s On-Site Setup & Integration option. A CompuCaddy Technician will arrive to prepare your carts for use by taking care of everything from unpacking, to hardware installation to cable management and power system software set-up. Ensure your CompuCaddy Deployment rolls out smoothly with our CompuCaddy technicians taking the burden off your personnel.