On-Site Set Up and Integration

Get up and running fast with CompuCaddy’s On-Site Setup & Integration option. A CompuCaddy Technician will arrive to prepare your carts for use by taking care of everything from unpacking, to hardware installation to cable management and power system software set-up. Ensure your CompuCaddy Deployment rolls out smoothly with our CompuCaddy technicians taking the burden off your personnel.


                    1. Unpack Carts (after carts are received by the customer)
                    2. Install Cart Accessories ( if applicable) such as Monitor Support, etc.
                    3. Unpack Customers Equipment (if applicable)
                    4. Install Customers Hardware/Equipment (No IT or Imaging – This is done by Customers IT Department)
                    5. Cable Management and organization
                    6. Run a Performance / Functionality Tests on Cart
                    7. Run Diagnostics of Carts Power System (Does not install CC Software – This is done by Customers IT Department)
                    8. Q&A / Cart Review with Customer