Service Plans

Just as your car needs repairs after it acquires significant mileage, your computer cart may also need some repairs to continue to operate at a peak (optimal) level. A CompuCaddy Service Plan can free up your on-site personnel from repair tasks. A CompuCaddy technician will visit your facility quarterly, bi-annually or annually to perform repairs on your cart fleet. You can be assured that the correct repair will be completed efficiently and effectively.

It can be difficult to anticipate the future. For your convenience, CompuCaddy has a new Service Plan option called the Service Plan Bank which allows the pre-purchase of service visits. The Service Plan Bank will record your pre-purchased credits. When a Service Visit is needed, it is paid for and deducted from your Service Plan Bank. This is ideal for an organization with multiple locations or when it is easier to secure funding at the time of initial purchase rather than down the road.